Towers of community




Our community is comprised of a wonderful diverse accumulation of people. Each person is an individual with gifts, talents, and dreams. They are as unique as the fingerprints on their fingers. We believe every individual is due respect and dignity. As it says in the Bible we believe we should love our neighbor as ourself. Ideally each individual understands his gifts and talents and works with purpose to pursue his dreams and calling to participate in our community in a productive manner. Each individual will find their place in a productive community to participate and contribute according to their dreams and talents. In a healthy world we would all find our purpose and be happy and healthy making a living according to our purpose. 

We have a lot to celebrate in our community with healthy productive individuals, institutions, and industry. A majority of the population enjoys a high standard of living and enjoys the freedom and prosperity that the world has to offer. We also must turn our attention to the needs of the minority of our population who are not living according to their dreams, talents and purpose. We have a great deal of need in our world that can be addressed if we work as a community. 

Our world is diverse and driven by many forces. There is little we can do to influence the troubles of the world and larger forces driving division, racism, hate and violence, outside of our attention and love for each other… our neighbor. At its core Community Mountain is founded in accordance with God’s will and direction for us to love our neighbor as our self. It is for everyone no matter religious belief, race, nationality, or economic condition. We are all really one body as people. As individuals we are members. We are members of the human race, and God’s creation.  Our community starts here where we live and extends around the world. TRUTH is we are all connected. We are unified by spirit and when we act in accordance the gifts God has given us, we come closer to the peace that God intends.

Community and fellowship is the most basic and essential component or tower of our society. At Community Mountain, we want to provide a platform and environment for individuals to come and find support from one another. It is a platform that promotes sustainability by communication and fulfillment of the needs of the community. Those in need should find those willing to serve. It is a place where we can actively live out our calling to love our neighbor as our self. It begins and ends with the individual. 

Volunteer Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Churches and Public Resources combine to help those in need. We connect individuals to community organizations and others for a vast spectrum of needs. To name a few:

· Meals

· Counseling

· Day Care

· Youth Athletics and Team Sports

· Substance Abuse Prevention and Recovery Programs

· Transportation

· Emergency Housing

· Legal Aid

Workforce Support



All successful communities have healthy employment and educational opportunities. According to the needs of the community and world, individuals work together to deliver products and services addressing the needs. Community Mountain will provide a platform and environment for individuals to productively share and cultivate the skills and opportunities the market demands. It is a platform that promotes sustainability by communication and fulfillment of the needs of the community. As cells, organs, and spirit makes up our body, so we make up the body of the organizations we are associated with. Individuals in need will work actively with individuals serving in their capacity as members of their respective organization in corporation, Church, vocational coordinator teacher, educational institution or whatever capacity they are called to be involved with.  Community Mountain is a platform to actively link workforce and education.

Our community formed organizations to provide sensible solutions. 

· Educational Programs

· Vocational Training

· Mentoring, between Institutions, Industry, and Workers for efficient reliable and sustainable results. 

We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community. Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change. Using data driven models, we provide solutions that make a long-lasting difference.

Health Care Integration



As a successful community, we must have access to healthcare. It should be an integral part of our community and provide high quality and be affordable to everyone. The centralized government managed system falls short of what is needed to meet the requirements of our community. Unwieldy large providers also fail to deliver the quality required by our community. Community Mountain is working to bring the community together to aggregate the expense and consolidate demand and buying power to leverage cost down. Practices and providers are encouraged to join by service contract, committing to provide a high level of service. Providers and practices remain independent to manage their staff and best practices in order to fulfill their individual goals. Market forces will dictate a competitive price, while monitoring quality and efficiency. The cost of healthcare is shared by those in the community. Coverage providers offer their plans at Community Mountain in a free market where market forces will dictate competitive prices and benefits.